Snack Pairing: Oatmeal with Blueberry MacGuffin

Do you know those days that start out promising, and then your drive starts to peter out? The ones where you wish you could have kept that burst of energy from earlier in the day? We would search for hours for a way to keep ourselves going, but nothing seemed to bring back that early-morning drive.

Then we tried having some Blueberry MacGuffin black tea with a small bowl of oatmeal. It turned out wonderfully! The tangy fruit of the Blueberry MacGuffin was amazing with the simplicity of the oatmeal, while the tea itself gave us just the right amount of caffeine. It reminded us of having breakfast just as the sun was coming up, with a cool breeze waking us up and chasing away the mental fog. Then we added some honey to the oatmeal and it felt like adding in bright rays of sunshine that lit everything in a golden glow.

Safe to say, oatmeal and Blueberry MacGuffin makes a great snack when you want to have a healthy energy boost to get you through the day. Try adding a drizzle of honey and a few fresh blueberries to make this snack pop. 

An Excerpt from Jane's Writing

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