Snack Pairing: Sharp Cheddar with Sakura Novella

Some days call for something exciting, and today was one of those days. However, it isn’t always possible to break away from our usual routine, so we had to improvise. 

We tried having some sharp cheddar cheese with our Sakura Novella, and we loved how the cheese brought out the cherry flavor! It made for an amazing afternoon snack that perfectly matched the warming weather. Plus, it has the added bonus of being quick to make and easy to eat.

With all of that in mind, I think we’ll be having this particular combination a lot over the summer. We will also be adding some buttery crackers to the mix when we want a more filling snack.

The tent was bursting with action, squires bustling to and fro with their liege's armor cradled in their arms. Every so often one would knock into a pole and jostle the whole structure, earning themselves the ire of the quartermaster. "Be careful, you sap-bellied buffoons! Do you want metal and claws coming down on your heads?" The squires would tense for a while before letting their nerves get the better of them, they would stop looking where they were going, and the cycle would repeat itself all over again. William, wisely, stayed out of their way. Instead, he huddled in a corner just barely large enough to hold him, his work, a mug of Sakura Novella, and a platter of cheddar pieces. His work on the mechanical mounts was far too delicate for him to lose focus, even if the squires were terrified of the finished creations suspended above their heads. William popped a square of cheese into his mouth and took an absentminded sip of his tea as he tuned out the bustle, content to twist gleaming metal into a proper knight's mount.

Pair of metal gauntlets