Snack Pairing: Brownie with Masala Romance

It’s worth the time to make something nice once in a while, and snacks are no exception. There’s something so amazing about enjoying a bit of decadent deliciousness, especially on a day that would otherwise be ordinary.

To that end, we tried having a brownie with our Masala Romance. It turned out just as amazing as it sounds! The rich chocolate paired perfectly with the spices and hints of rose, creating a delicious blend of decadence and delight. 

This is a great snack pairing for whenever you feel like something rich and sweet, or even an after-dinner treat. You can also add some milk or cream to the Masala Romance for a mellower version. 

The wind whipped across the rooftop, bringing the scent of spices and rich chocolate with it. Katlyn savored the scent and smiled. The last note in a trail of clues was clutched in her hand, spiky handwriting telling her where to go. It took three leaps for her to reach a building that was dark except for strings of fairy lights across the top. The warm glow sparkled off of a tableau of food and drink surrounded by glittering jewels. Rodger was there, a cup of Masala Romance in his hand and a grin on his face. He swept into a bow, showing off necklaces and hairpieces arranged with brochures for the museums they had been in that morning. Katlyn laughed and snagged a brownie. "Aww, you didn't have to do all of this for little old me!" Rodger shook his head, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he said "Of course I did, my Treasure deserves treasures of her own." She giggled and leaned forward, bracing her hands against the smooth shoulders of his jacket. His kiss tasted like tea, and hers like chocolate. It was as good a pairing as Rodger and Katlyn, thieves extraordinaire.

Lights strung around lampost on roof