Snack Pairing: Pear with Ice Wine Archetype

Excitement and adventure are all well and good, but today called for something a bit more mellow to wind down with. It turns out that it’s possible to get burned out on overwhelmingly awesome food after all. We wanted something that had an amazing flavor, yet wouldn’t overpower us. 

Enter fresh, juicy pear and a steaming cup of Ice Wine Archetype. This delicious snack pairing is filling enough to tide us over, yet delicate enough to be a true delight to our senses. It was truly enjoyable to sit back and savor the light flavors.

We loved this snack pairing, and we hope that you will as well. You can also try chilling the Ice Wine Archetype for a refreshing treat that lives up to the name.

The air inside the living room was tense, despite the cheery fire crackling in the fireplace. Brenda kept her eyes glued to the window and the rain outside. She could not see the frown that was surely forming behind her back, and she honestly had no desire to. It had been a silly thought, and an even sillier idea to bring it up. There was no way Mandy would say yes, she had never shown any interest in the idea- "Before we discuss this further, there's someone I'd like you to meet." Brenda slowly turned to face the other woman. There was a cat curled in her arms, eyes wide and tail slowly flicking back and forth. Brenda's breath caught in her throat. "Seriously? When did you get him?" Mandy laughed and said "Just this morning! I wanted to surprise you, so I didn't say anything." The two women grinned at each other over the head of their fluffy new roommate, delighted at this moment of serendipity.

Cat looking out window at the rain