Snack Pairing: Peanuts with Fairground Flashback

We were feeling a bit nostalgic today, and we wanted a snack pairing that reflected that. Something warm, a bit savory, and also rich. Thankfully, we had just the snack for the occasion.

We had some peanuts with our Fairground Flashback, and they were delicious! The salty nuts were the perfect complement to the caramel flavor of the tea, and it made us feel like we enjoying a carnival snack. We’ll probably be having this pairing whenever we want to remember summer nights and amusement rides.

We had our peanuts dry-roasted, but you can try having Fairground Flashback with your favorite type of peanuts. 

If there were ever a time when clear pathways to the nearest exit were needed, now would be the time. Unfortunately for Mellisa, the debris had long since covered most of the floor, and anything that wasn't buried under pieces of the ceiling was covered with broken glass and spilled solutions. Mellisa was forced to hop from desk to desk to avoid the smoking puddles. Another shockwave shook the building, knocking some of the remaining beakers off the shelves. One of them spilled a glowing fluid over a mug of Fairground Flashback and a bowl of peanuts. She took a moment to mourn what would have been a delicious snack before moving on. The apocalypse didn't leave time for good food, after all.

Abandoned facility