Snack Pairing: Honeyed Apples with Vanilla Pecan Verse

The weather has been cooler recently, and we wanted something to help us warm up. Fuzzy blankets and warm sweaters were a good start, but we wanted something more. Something to warm us up from the inside.

To that end, we tried some apple slices and honey with a cup of Vanilla Pecan Verse. Turns out that this snack pairing fits the bill perfectly! The sweetness of the honey and the crispness of the apple made the perfect complement to the nutty tea.

We loved this pairing, and I expect that we’ll be having it a lot once fall comes. I spiced the honey with clove and cinnamon, but you can leave them out or add in your own favorites. 

It was only a momentary lapse in concentration, he swore. Just one instant when his eyes had left the basket in front of the hearth in favor of his cup of Vanilla Pecan Verse and plate of apple slices. Apparently, that one moment was long enough for Edwin's charge to slip away undetected. Now he was frantically searching the nooks and crannies of the room, praying that he would find the rascal before it got into his research. Unfortunately, his charge had developed a sudden aversion to its usual hiding spots. All Edwin got for his efforts was dust in his hair and aching knees. Just as he straightened up and stretched his creaking joints something shifted behind him. He whirled to see his charge in all its tin glory peeking out from behind a stack of books. "There you are," he murmured as he stretched out his hand. "Why don't you come out from there?" The little machine did not hesitate to jump into his hand and curl up in his palm, drawing a laugh from his chest. Apparently, even the timidest of creations would not turn down a warm place to sleep.

Small adorable robot