Snack Pairing: Cream Cheese with Strawberry Suspense

With warm mornings and glorious sunrises on the horizon, we feel like it’s time to have something sweet and juicy. After all, what’s better than having a snack that bursts with flavors that match the colors bursting across the sky? 

With that in mind, we had some toast and cream cheese with a cup of Strawberry Suspense. It was delightful! The creamy spread was perfect with the gentle fruit from the tea, and all together it made for an amazing treat.

This is one of my favorite snack pairings for early mornings, and I expect I’ll be having it a lot. We tried it with some strawberries on top, but even without them this pairing is divine. 

In a field filled with flowers and buzzing bugs, a group of teenagers was waking up. Some, like Alice and Andy, were wide awake and chipper before the sky began to lighten. Others, like Mark and Carol, refused to get up until they were dragged upright. No matter how long it took, they all ended up huddled together around a well-worn sheet of paper and a tray of snacks. "Are you sure the chart's right?" one asked. She was answered with a snort. "Of course it's right, now stop worrying and eat some toast before you forget." She sighed and complied, grabbing some cream cheese and Strawberry Suspense. Just as she took a sip the sun burst over the horizon, illuminating tiny specks that shimmered and danced. The group gasped as one as a light show unlike any other unfolded around them.

Blue flowers under a sunrise