Snack Pairing: Chocolate Chip Cookies with Blueberry MacGuffin

Some days, you just want something sweet and comforting. Today was one such day, and between that and the warm weather we wanted something indulgent to snack on. 

With that in mind, I grabbed some chocolate chip cookies to go with our Blueberry MacGuffin. We absolutely adored them! The sweet, crumbly cookie pairs perfectly with the tangy fruit of the tea, making this a delicious late-night snack.

This snack pairing is quite the treat, perfect for cozying up with a good book. I added some milk and sugar to my tea but for those without my sweet tooth plain Blueberry MacGuffin is the perfect counterpoint to the chocolate. 

"Are you certain that it's here? You know how the students will react if I can't get it to them-" The Scholar cut off his guest with a wave of his hand. "None of that, the Library prides itself on accurate cataloging. 'The Blocking Of Trigate Pass' is right over here." The Scholar swept down the aisles, ignoring a pile of books that glowed and the mousy man trailing behind him. Within moments he had reached his destination and gestured to the shelf. "Here it is. Please remember to rescue it from your students promptly, and ensure that it is kept in good condition." He began to walk away, only to be stopped by his guest. "Is it supposed to be here? There's a space between 'Rivers And Ruins' and 'The Subtle Stream.'" The Scholar stopped and whirled around, his eyebrows approaching his hairline. "What? Let me see-" He hurried back to the shelf, not seeing the group of young mages casually rearrange their books to hide one embossed with "The Blocking Of Trigate Pass."

- Jane A.
Old books on a shelf