Snack Pairing: Buttered Toast with Stone Fruit Style

Sometimes simplicity is best. It may seem odd for us to say that considering how we love to experiment with snack pairings, but it’s true. Some days we just want a snack that will fill our bellies and give us a moment to wind down.

Enter: a piece of buttered toast and a cup of Stone Fruit Style. This pairing may seem like the “breakfast” of someone late getting out the door, but the warm, buttery crunch pairs perfectly with the fruity tea. We especially loved how the butter added a warm weight to the peach flavor of the tea. 

I think that this snack will be a staple of ours in the days to come. Try adding a drizzle of honey to yours, or just enjoy the buttery goodness by itself. 

"Alright people, we have one hour before we get thrown to the wolves, so let's get our story straight," Councilor Johnson announced. The office around her went silent, a stark contrast to the usual clamor that filled the space. Harrison leaned forward, hanging onto her every word. It was not often that the Councilor came to the office in person, and he was determined to not miss a moment. "The whole world saw the mess that the Berserkers left at the edge of town, but the general public was locked out before clean-up could begin." A groan echoed through the room, matched by the furrowing of Johnson's brow. "Yes, the people will be making assumptions. If we don't get ahead of this now they'll assume the worst. It's our job to make sure that they can see just what is being done to make our city safe. Luis, Richards, and Harrison, you three are coming with me. The rest of you, start countering any rumors that pop up online." Harrison was out of his seat in an instant. Was he going to end up with the most difficult job? Probably. It would be worth it though, to see the Councilor in action.

- Jane A.
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