Snack Pairing: Plum with Stone Fruit Style

It’s always fun to experiment with new and unusual flavor pairings. This time, however, we wanted a snack that matched flavors that were close to one another. It was time for something from the same family.

It was that line of thinking that led to us having some plums with our Stone Fruit Style black tea. Turns out the combination is just as delicious as it sounds! The sweet, juicy plum tasted like it was supposed to be a part of the tea. It was like the original fruit flavor was amped up to 11!

I think that plums and Stone Fruit Style are a great combination for when you want effortless deliciousness.  Try having the tea plain, or add some honey for some natural sweetness. 

The hum of summer filled the air as Officer Haroldson took in the scene before him. The cart took up most of the road, and the pink puddle oozing out of it took up even more. Honeybees danced about it in a swarm, slurping up the sweet syrup. The rest of the street was still, with not a single witness in sight. Haroldson sighed. There was a cup of Stone Fruit Style waiting on his desk, and Paterson was going to stop by with fresh plums, but he was stuck investigating the broken down cotton candy cart that had seemingly appeared out of thin air. He shook his head and started to tip-toe towards the cart. He may be stuck out here, but by Jove he wouldn't be sticky as well!

- Jane A
truck with cotton candy