Snack Pairing: Dried Cranberries with Popped Plot Twist

Have you ever had a snack pairing that is sweet, sour, and savory all at once? We were thinking about that and realized we had yet to try such a combination. Of course, this meant we had to find something to fill that craving immediately. 

We had some dried cranberries with our Popped Plot Twist, and it was perfect! The tangy dried berries added a kick to the savory green tea, while the hint of sweetness added an amazing finishing touch. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, the cranberries also boosted the toasty notes of popped rice.

I think that this is the perfect snack for mornings on the go or a quick energy boost. Try the cranberries and Popped Plot Twist by itself or with some vanilla yogurt for an extra burst of sweetness. 

spilled drink