Snack Pairing: Blackberries with Ice Wine Archetype

Now that summer is here we’ve been taking advantage of the warm weather. Some days that means we do our work outside. On other days that means we seize every chance we get to have a mini celebration. Of course, what better way to celebrate than to indulge in seasonal fruits?

That’s why we paired fresh blackberries with our Ice Wine Archetype. It was the perfect snack pairing for the heat! The sweet, juicy blackberries matched the gentle Ice Wine Archetype wonderfully.

This was an amazing summertime snack pairing, and I’m glad we had it while the blackberries were still in season. We sweetened and iced our Ice Wine Archetype for maximum refreshment, but you can always enjoy the tea hot, or with your favorite additives. 

He would never admit it, but Dominic never realized that his group was being followed. The idle chatter and buzzing bugs had lulled him to the point where he only noticed their tag-along when it stole his thermos of Ice Wine Archetype. "Hey!" he cried when he felt the tug on his backpack. Unfortunately, he only caught a glimpse of the bottle as it vanished into the foliage. He ignored the questions from the rest of his party as he left the trail, frantically searching for his missing gear. His stalker had vanished though, leaving behind a hoofprint covered in shimmering glitter. "Dang unicorns," Dominic muttered. With a shake of his head he trudged back to the trail, resigning himself to having his blackberries without the delicious tea.

- Jane A.
Multicolored hoof prints in the ground