Snack Pairing: Kettle Chips with Fairground Flashback

With the summer heat pressing down on us we’re having some trouble keeping our energy up. After all, who wants to¬†do things when it feels like you’re being baked alive? Unfortunately, time waits for no tea drinker and we have to move on with our lives.

Thankfully, we have a snack pairing to keep our energy up; Kettle-cooked potato chips and Fairground Flashback black tea! This sweet-and-salty pairing is perfect for these muggy summer afternoons. We expected that the combination of caramel and salt would be amazing, but the way that the chips brought out the apple flavor of the tea blew us away!

This addictive snack is the perfect boost to get us through the day or a great way to wind down as the sun sets. Try having the tea plain or with a bit of sugar if you have a sweet tooth to satisfy.

The hiss of steam and clatter of metal still rang in John's ears, despite the door between him and the rest of the factory. However, the looming threat of tinnitus seemed less important than the woman he had long thought dead. She was nicely dressed with a bowl of chips, a cup of Fairground Flashback, and one of her clockwork contraptions sitting on the table in front of her. Her smile was easy and carefree, in spite of the pain she had caused him by vanishing, and in John's shock he asked "How did you get in here?" The woman threw her head back and laughed as she said "I would think you of all people would know how well I know this place. Has it really been so long that you've forgotten those sweet summer days?" When John didn't respond her eyes softened, and she gladly accepted the hug he wrapped her in. "It's good to see you again, brother," she murmured into his shoulder as tears formed in her eyes.

- Jane A.