Snack Pairing: Banana with Vanilla Pecan Verse

Early mornings on the go are a (sometimes unfortunate) fact of life. We’ve found that that particular fact is a lot easier to handle when we have something in our bellies, but we can’t always take the time to make something big. 

Because of that, we tried pairing fresh banana with Vanilla Pecan Verse white tea on the way out the door. I had expected a flavor similar to banana bread, but the fresh fruit and hot tea created a totally unique (and totally delicious) experience. We especially loved how the slight tang of the banana brought out the pecan of the tea. 

This snack was divine, and I expect that we will be having it on many mornings to come. Try adding some honey to the mix to make the sweetness pop!

Two weeks ago, Elaine would have never considered escaping out of a window to be a legitimate solution to her problems. Of course, two weeks ago her problems had not included her best friend's attempts to untangle her love life. Marco had realized that she was hiding something when he saw a shirt that was not hers in the background of their video call, and she had not had a moment of rest since. Her days were filled with a constant stream of questions (despite the work that they both had to finish) while her nights were interrupted by text notifications. She blamed the sleep deprivation for her reaction as Marco asked "who's the lucky man" for the hundredth time. Between one heartbeat and the next she was across the room, out the window, and crushing the petunias below. As Elaine sprinted away from the office she despaired at the thought that her literal jumpiness would only encourage her friend.

- Jane A.