Snack Pairing: Chipotle Pepper with Masala Romance

We’ve started to get used to the heat of the day, despite the problems it sometimes causes. It has gotten to the point where I miss it once the sun goes down and the air cools. There is just something about the warmth that gets to my core and makes everything seem so much more vibrant.

Thankfully, there is another way to capture that heat when the sun goes down. Chipotle peppers and a cup of Masala Romance combine to make a spicy snack that keeps us warm through the night. The spices of the tea and the heat of the pepper made a delicious pairing that left our lips and tongues tingling.

We loved this snack pairing, and I think it makes a great treat for cooler nights. I recommend having the chipotle on club crackers to keep the spice from becoming overwhelming. I would also advise that you use a smaller piece of chipotle than we did; while delicious, the pepper packs a punch!

It would have seemed an ordinary stall if it were not for the shimmer that you only saw if you tilted your head just so. The fruits were of good quality without being perfect, while the pastries displayed on the table looked appetizing but plain. Even the faded tarp that shielded the stall from the sun appeared "just good enough." So simple, so ordinary, right up until the sun went down. As soon as the market's lamps were lit the stall came alive, the shimmering layer teeming with life. Here was a creature that resembled a cat, there was a creature with three legs and a hunched back. They all beckon at the people passing by, whispering "Come see, come see." Eventually, someone gives in, vanishing behind the shimmer and out of the night.

- Jane A.