Join me for a cup of tea.

When I was younger, I was the sort of kid who could never quite settle for the “normal” way of doing things. It came out in a multitude of ways, but the most prominent one was my love for combining flavors. Luckily for me (and the people I cook for), this passion for experimentation turned into a love of cooking and good food. What better way to spice up life than with actual spices, right? 

Anyways, as I grew older my taste in drinks grew with my taste in food. I was no longer satisfied with putting every type of soda available at the soft drink fountain into one cup, and I wanted something that would pair well with the foods I was making.

Enter my first few tins of loose leaf tea. 

Suddenly I had a myriad of options, all from a teaspoon of dried leaves. I could brew strong cups, subtle cups, cups that could barely contain all of their flavors, cups that were as simple and uncomplicated as I hoped my day would be… The possibilities are endless! Safe to say, I took to tea like a duck to water. It wasn’t long before I started to always have a cup nearby, especially when I was snacking.

Now I want to share that experience with you. I want you to find that same joy that I did, with a cup of tea, a delicious snack, and maybe a good book. So why not come and join me?

– Rhianwen Phillips, President of The Tea In Me

The Tea In Me, LLC

Carroll County, Maryland, USA
(240) 394-1833