Blueberry MacGuffin

Blueberry MacGuffin: Flavored Black Tea

Kraft bag of The Tea In Me Blueberry MacGuffin loose leaf tea

"The traffic on this one-lane road is stop-and-go, but that's alright. It gives you time to savor the cool morning breeze and the sunlight that sparkles through the leaves of distant orchards. Instinct guides your hand to the thermos in the cupholder, and second nature brings it to your lips. You take a careful sip of the steaming Blueberry MacGuffin and let the dawn soak in. This is a good start to the day, and you know it will only go up from here."

-Jane A.
  • Delicious flavor

    Get yourself going with this delightfully tangy blend! Infused with blueberries and a hint of elderberry, this scrumptious black tea gives you the boost you need to get yourself into gear. Ceylon black mixes perfectly with tart blueberry and hints of elderberry to create the perfect tea to fuel your day.

  • Perfect pairing with snacks

    There's nothing better than having a delicious snack to go with your tea. That's why we've tried pairing Blueberry MacGuffin with some of our favorites. We love having this tea with cream cheese that balances with the tangy berry, honey that adds the best kind of sweetness, and chocolate chip cookies that turn teatime into the ultimate treat.

  • Enjoy hot or cold

    Sip on steaming hot Blueberry MacGuffin for a relaxing treat, or brew it ahead of time and ice it for a refreshing drink. Either way, you'll have a delicious cup of tea made just the way you like it.

  • Makes multiple servings

    Steep your tea multiple times to make another cup just as delicious as the first. You can steep each serving up to three times and get three times the tea. All you need to do is increase the time of each extra steep by 30 seconds and enjoy.

  • Stays fresh after opening

    Did you know that air and aging aren't the only way that tea goes stale? Exposure to sunlight will also damage tea and degrade the flavor. That's why all of our teas come in resealable Kraft pouches that are perfect for displaying on your shelf.

  • Customizable

    Enjoy your tea your way! Try adding milk, sugar, cream, flavored syrups, or whatever other additives you want to your Blueberry MacGuffin to find your perfect cup of tea. Between that and all the snacks you can have with Blueberry MacGuffin the possibilities for customization are endless.

  • Support included

    We offer support for our tea! Anytime you have a question about the tea or snack pairings you can reach out to us on our Support page or email us at