Winners of the October Vanilla Pecan Verse Contest

The fog was heavy in the air and in the mind. Blankets called, suggesting more time. “Where am I?” I wondered as my bleary eyes began to see. Warmth and a delicate aroma wafted towards me. The mind cleared and the soul welcomed the gentle remedy. To what do I owe the removal of the curse? Tea of course, Vanilla Pecan Verse.

Erin Cronin (Via Facebook)

“Wake up,” I hear you whisper without warning. You carefully set something on the nightstand, and then you are peeling back the blankets from my face with a warm smile. “Join me for tea.” “I don’t want to get up today,” I groan, but then I instantly reconsider my choice, captivated by the familiar smell of the vanilla pecan wafting through the late morning air. You stand at my bedside patiently, laughing to yourself as you watch my excitement grow, and the sweet sound mesmerizes me. I never want it to end.

Lyn (@lynmri_ on Twitter)

Winner of the September Fairground Flashback Contest

Let’s go back to the fair soon, okay? Maybe next time we will do everything we wanted to, but I can only watch so many fireworks go by without wishing you were holding my hand. I will remember this day forever, and I cherish the tea you gave me to remember you by until next summer’s visit. The warm caramel may be the only explosion against my lips for a while, but I think that you are just as sweet.

Lyn (@lynmri_ on Twitter)

Winners of the August Strawberry Suspense Contest

When you are hurt, shall I make you some tea? My own hands are cracked and aching from this bitter winter, but my kettle always whistles to life at the sound of your voice. Let me hold you close and think of me when the warm strawberry floods your senses. I will take care of you.

Lyn (@brainworns)

Candles flickered, dancing with shadows. Dancing to the sound of faint humming. Light burned the markings into the ground. A gust blew the candles out. Steam curled out of the pot that started to whistle. The humming stopped. "I guess that's why they call it Strawberry Suspense."

Xavier (@queerandwriting)

“What’s this? It tastes fruity.” She said, “It’s my special strawberry tea. Do you like it?” “Yes. I feel a little weird, though.” “That’ll pass once it seeps into your bones.” Feeling queasy, I said “What do you mean?” “It’s only poison, silly. Relax and enjoy the ride. Adios.”

R.E. Moore (@REMoore13)

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