Jane A. Handmade Coasters

Jane A. Handmade Coasters

A crocheted coaster featuring Jane, a penguin

The clink of glasses and the chime of youthful laughter fill the air. The party is going even better than you had expected. Family members from all over have come, turning the normally quiet house into a cozy (if slightly crowded) gathering place. A gaggle of your younger cousins rushes past, almost knocking into your freshly-filled mug of tea. You hurry to place it on a coaster, a penguin that had been the subject of multiple compliments, and chase after the little ones as they shriek with joy.

  • Enjoy your tea with style

    These adorable coasters are modeled after Jane, our lovely mascot. Bring her along for afternoon tea, snacktime tea, or even "last-stretch-of-editing" tea.

  • Handmade with 100% cotton

    Soft, locally made, and easily washable; what's not to love? These coasters are exclusively made with cotton yarn and thread right here in Carroll County, Maryland.

  • Just the right size

    Don't worry about heat rings or spills; this coaster has it covered. At roughly 4 1/2 inches in diameter, the coasters are large enough to fit most mugs while squeezing in wherever you need them to be.

  • One for you, one for me

    These coasters come in pairs! You can keep one Jane for yourself and set the other aside for guests, or set one up everywhere you set down a mug.