Yes, we offer support for our teas! Maybe you need help with preparation, variations, or snack ideas. No matter what, we’ve got you covered.

Our premium teas are currently available at Hyperspace Rocket Designs and Tea Bar in the TownMall of Westminster. We are also vendors at various markets around Carroll County, Maryland.

We have tracked down high quality premium green, black, and white teas that are then used to make delightful flavored blends that we offer in loose leaf form. What makes these teas even more special is the art and science behind the food pairing we have done specifically for these teas.

Have you ever had two different foods that were great on their own, but when you ate them together they created the most amazing flavor combination? The same thing happens when you have a good cup of tea with a delicious snack. 

We love experimenting with different combinations, and we’ve found that the possibilities are endless. We bet that there’s a perfect tea-and-snack pairing for you.

No way! Most tea you find in a grocery store is mass-produced using the cheapest plants from the cheapest farms, and using the cheapest processing and packaging.

The Tea In Me teas are like fine wines. Premium plants, premium processing, and blends with premium ingredients treating your senses to wondrous delights.